Educational Fitness Classes for children walking to 18yrs
*Gymnastics Classes
*Tumbling & Cheer Classes
*Sports Skills & Conditioning
*Trampoline & Tumble Classes
*JO Competitive Team
*Private Birthday Parties
*Spacious Viewing Area
*Free Wireless Access
*Free Coffee
*Field Trips
*Private Lessons
*Open Gyms & More
The Heart of Our Program

Educational fitness based gymnastics helps improve physical coordination, increase body awareness, sharpen intellectual and listening skills. Most importantly it builds self confidence and a good self esteem.

Successful use in gross motor skills plays a great part in developing the young child's brain. Lateral developments is a very important concept, appearing in reading, writing, and numeration.

Our Facility
Livonia Ultimate Gymnasticz is the new home for all of Ms.Peggy's Kids. With over 15,500 square feet filled with the finest equipment to ensure a fun, safe, and successful experience for everyone. We have one of the largest foam pits in the area, with tumble tracks, vaulting and bar entrance. Our 20' cargo net is the ultimate fitness challenge and a favorite with everyone.

Our Philosophy
We believe gymnastics helps teach children "life skills". We know it helps make fitness fun and creates a lifetime desire to be healthy. Everyone can because we teach for success in a fun, clean, safe noncompetitive environment.